Interested in working in the lab?
We welcome those with an interest in computer science, machine learning, animal behavior, electrophysiology, aquatic husbandry, communication.
We currently have availability for Wesleyan University Undergraduate students. Please contact Dr. Perks to set up a meeting to discuss.


Krista Perks, PhD
Group leader

Photo of Perks

Courtney Collins-Pisano

Courtney is investigating the mechanisms of electrocommunication in group cohesion among weakly electric fish. Courtney is working on implementing contemporary methods in multi-animal video tracking.

Ange Zuniga-Aleman
Undergraduate; McNair Scholar; WesMass Scholar

Based on research into the current literature, Ange is interested in the Evolution of the brain in Mormyrid Weakly Electric Fish Brain and its Impact on Species Diversification – especially work from the Carlson lab at University of Washington. Ange is currently working on obtaining multichannel electrophysiology recordings using OpenEphys acquisition system. With this data, Ange is investigating electrocommunication behavior among groups of fish to investigate species differences in coordination.

Rachel Miller

Rachel is interested in the social behavior of weakly electric fish and has been working on developing the tracking platform in the lab using DeepLabCut.

Hannah Laehy

Hannah is interested in veterinary medicine. In the lab, Hannah is working on developing an experiment to investigate the foraging efficiency effects of electrocommunication in weakly electric fish.

Past Contributers

Leo Farber

I am a 3rd year Science in Society and Neuroscience and Behavior double major at Wesleyan University. I am interested in the role of coordinated communication signals among animals in social organization and animal behavior, as well as in the use of machine learning in scientific studies. Outside of the lab, I enjoy rock climbing, snowboarding, and the outdoors. 

Lucie Kruger